In today's world, we know that every kid learns differently. On our team, we're lucky enough to participate in a program that allows students to learn a variety of interpersonal, technical, business, and STEM skills that they bring to life by building a robot and running the team. From there, we challenge our students to pay it forward and put those skills to work in the community as we perform services and outreach. See our impact!


  With all the local community does to support our team, the PSIcotics make their best effort to give back in every way we can as often as we can.


With everything our students learn about STEM, we think it's important to pass these lessons on to both children and adults everywhere, especially when it means getting to show off our robot.


  Money makes the world go 'round. Or, at least it does for our team. It takes a great deal of funding to carryout a robotics team, and luckily we're no stranger to fundraising.