In an effort to improve the financial standings of Team 533, a group of team parents back in 2012 decided to establish the Lindenhurst Robotics Coalition, a registered non-profit 501c3 organization. As an IRS-recognized charity, any donations made to the Coalition, unlike those made to our team, are tax-deductible. The Coalition also serves to fundraise in areas the team itself cannot.

2023 - 2024 Coalition Board

President - Diane C.

Vice President - TBA

Secretary / Treasurer - Kaitlyn C.

Voting Members - TBA


  The Lindenhurst Robotics Coalition is a New York State licensed non-profit 501c3 organization, which means that we are a legally recognized charitable entity. The coalition is made up entirely of volunteers, many of whom are parents or alumni of the team. The Coalition is a separate entity from FRC Team 533, and we'll explain more about that below.


The goal of the Lindenhurst Robotics Coalition is to support Team 533 in whatever means possible. The Coalition is a separate entity from FRC Team 533, but they are affiliated. This means that the Coalition is an independent organization that does not need to adhere to Lindenhurst Union Free School District or FIRST Robotics Competition policies. This means that there are no students involved in the Coalition. As such, the Coalition can fundraise in ways that the team cannot, and they can provide perks such as allowing donations made to the Coalition to be tax-deductible.