The team's Mentors and Advisors are an almost entirely volunteer-based group that guides our students through the everyday functions of the team. Our Mentors have experience in STEM, business, media, communications, and more, with a combined 80+ years of FRC experience. Meet the Advisors and Mentors!

2023 - 2024 Mentors & Advisors

Advisor / Lead Mentor - Daniel Cahill

Advisor - Jean Jacobs

Senior Mentor - Thomas Graham

Senior Mentor - Neil Heft

Mentor - Anthony Castello

Mentor - Thomas Gilmore

Pictured from Left to Right:

Thomas Graham, Neil Heft, Jean Jacobs

Daniel Cahill, Anthony Castello, Thomas Gilmore


  Almost the entirety of our Advisor and Mentor base is volunteer, with all of them encountering the FIRST Robotics Competition program and choosing to stick around. From our Senior Mentors, who have both been involved in the FRC program for over 25 years and founded Team 533 in 2001, to our alumni Mentors as young as the Class of 2020, the PSIcotics are grateful for the dedication these individuals have shown to our team.


To tackle the many challenges Team 533 chooses to take on, we rely on our knowledgeable Mentors and Advisors to guide the students every step of the way. Our Advisors are crucial in running the back end of the team in cooperation with Lindenhurst High School, of which we are a recognized cocurricular club. Our Mentors take their role in passing their knowledge onto our students through lessons and hands-on activities, which can range from science, technology, engineering, and math to business, media, communications, leadership, and personal development. We couldn't do what we do without them!